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Now Hear This!

Laurence Shames - Paradise Gig

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So here’s a question: How does Bert the Shirt sound?

I mean, a lot of us know how he talks. He talks funny. He talks Brooklynese. He talks ungrammatical. But how does he sound?

For that matter, how would The Beatles sound if they were having a casual, poolside back-and-forth with the chatty old man?

If you’re curious to know, boy, do I have an audiobook for you! Narrator Paul Burt–nice coincidence on the name, right?–has done an amazing job with Bert the Shirt, and in fact with every detail of The Paradise Gig. I hope you’ll give a listen.

Oh, and I’m happy to say that the print and ebook editions of the novel have been garnering some really wonderful reviews.

I gratefully accept the generous words–what author wouldn’t?–but the notices that have made me feel best are the ones that talk about the book providing some comic relief and emotional uplift in this weird and difficult period we’re all muddling through.

John–“What a healthy elixir during this time of isolation…”

Ruth–“The perfect remedy for anyone experiencing the indoor blues…”

Ethyl–“A delightful respite from reality and very funny…”

To my cherished readers, and to the listeners who will give the audio a try, I can only say thank you for letting me into your little corner of the lockdown. Stay safe and enjoy!

  1. Alice Rees

    Dear Laurence Shames,
    This is the only one of your books (which have been a joy to me over many years) that I have been unable.to obtain here in London. Any advice?
    Thanks for all the reads and rereads and my best wishes