Collaborative writing has long been a refreshing and rewarding part of my career. Working with partners has given me access to fascinating and accomplished people, and provided a healthy counterpoint to the sometimes isolating business of novel-writing. Moreover, taking on other people’s stories has led me to explore subject matter–from big business to calculus to the Mafia–that I might otherwise have ignored. I have been fortunate to work with people in the prime of their careers and lives, and with people confronting death; with people dramatically engaged with the wider world, and with people reflecting upon their most intimate thoughts, feelings, and fears.

I am proud of the books listed below and grateful for the friendships that were forged in the process of writing them.

I welcome serious inquiries regarding collaborative, ghostwriting, and/or book-doctoring projects. Please be aware that I do not work on spec and that rates are commensurate with my experience and record of successful publications.

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A New York Times bestseller in 2010, as well as an international phenomenon translated into a dozen languages, this “wise and inspiring book” (Bill Clinton) urges readers “to find a unique self by doing what we love.” (Gloria Steinem)

“Laurence Shames, a tremendous editor and writer who became a good friend, [made] invaluable contributions.” Peter Buffett


Praised as “a little masterpiece,” by Jim Lehrer of The News Hour, this warm and intimate chronicle of a good man’s early death was named a Best Book by the American Booksellers Association.

Larry Shames, partner and friend, proved to be a marvelously accomplished and insightful storyteller.” Peter Barton


This “searingly honest and compelling account” (Andrea Mitchell, NBC News) of one man’s lifelong obsession with food and weight is “eloquent, heartbreaking, funny, and poignant.” (Nadine Taylor)

“[Laurence Shames wrote] the story I wanted told in a more compelling way than I was able to do for myself.” Michael S. Berman


A New York Times bestseller, excerpted for a New York magazine cover story and later filmed for television, this dramatic account of a Godfather’s fall remains a classic of the true-crime genre.

“Laurence Shames, a writer of remarkable talent, proved to be an invaluable ally in bringing to life our experiences and the incredible people we met.” Joseph F. O’Brien and Andris Kurins