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Painting by Jeff MacNelly


Jeff MacNelly, Pulitzer Prize-winning political cartoonist and creator of the widely syndicated comic strip Shoe, was a dear friend of mine in Key West. The basis of our friendship was marvelously simple: His stuff made me laugh; my stuff made him laugh.

While cartooning was Jeff’s livelihood, he was a terrific artist in many media. He could draw like an Old Master; he sculpted in metal and clay; when I knew him (he died, far too young, in 2000) he was getting back into oil painting. He appeared at my door one day with this inspired rendering of Bert the Shirt.

For more about the origin of the work, or to buy a giclee of the image, please visit http://www.jeff-macnelly.com/bert-the-shirt.htm.

After living with the original and enjoying it every day for many years, I am now prepared to offer it for sale. The painting is 16×20 inches, framed in Hawaiian Koa wood and signed by the artist in the lower left.

Please write to LS@LaurenceShames.com for more information.

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